VoIP Soft Phone: A Case Study

Sometimes the best way to understand a product like a VoIP soft phone is to consider a case study. A case study examines only one particular case – in this instance, a software program and set-up steps that correspond to a particular VoIP service but provide insight about VoIP service and VoIP soft phones in general. In this case study, the VoIP phone of choice will be Yahoo! Messenger.

VoIP Soft Phone: The Software

The software used for the Yahoo VoIP phone is simply the Yahoo! Messenger problem, which has long connected people across city lines, state lines and national boundaries. It is easy to install. To begin the process, you need only to go to the Yahoo Homepage and find the Messenger option. Download and install it into your computer, then sign in so that all of your contacts will be available. The software is, in general, user friendly and easy to install. There are steps which guide you every part of the way. Once the software is working, taking it from there is fairly intuitive.

Just be sure that your drivers are properly installed. You will need your sound card and microphone working well before you can actually place a call. When you first do try to call someone, you will then need to go through a secondary installation while the program makes sure your computer has all of the software that it needs to run smooth.

VoIP Soft Phone: The Set-Up

The program will likely ask you to test your microphone. You will need to do this to ensure that the person you are calling is actually able to hear you (provided that they too have speakers). Speak in a normal, clear voice so that the program can understand you. After it has finished, all you need to do is press the call button. If you are calling PC to PC, the other end will ring. If you are trying to call PC to a regular number, however, you will be prompted to pay. If it is important that you call phones, shell out the money but remember how many minutes it has purchased you.

VoIP Soft Phone: Popular Opinions

Many people feel that the VoIP internet phone is a good way to stay in touch with friends and a bad way to run a business. Those who have attempted to use the Yahoo service for business were disappointed with the lack of features. However, those who only wanted the basic function of being able to communicate with far-away friends and relatives appreciated the reliability of the calls, the clarity of sound (which truthfully, depends on the VoIP headset you choose).

The Yahoo! Messenger VoIP soft phone is not packed with features the way some phones are, but it is easy to test – making it a great choice for you to use when conducting your own case study. Gather the materials required and attempt it for yourself. Because installation of this hardware is free and PC to PC calls are free, you really have nothing to lose in trying.  Just remember to publish your experience with many VoIP soft phone on your own blog, profile page or the like.

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