VoIP Video Phone- The Direct Way to Get Connected

How is it different from others?

A Voice over Internet Protocol video phone works totally different from other phones that are in use today. The VoIP Video phone can connect to the internet directly by making use of an in-built system known as the Ethernet Port. This new type of video phone is capable of communicating to other computers and to another similar VoIP phone by using internet gateway. For video phoning using this latest device, there is no need of any computer. Only an internet connection using broadband or DSL internet connection is required for enabling Video Phoning.

Important features

Every day new technology is developing and many companies are trying to incorporate this latest technology in the production of different models of the VoIP video phone. Every VoIP video phone is expected to have some common basic features like high quality video imaging, 7-inch digital color screen which provides high resolution of the images, a video output for connecting bigger LCD screen. The device should also have features like USB port to upload and down load pictures, should be able to receive video mails as well as video greetings. Moreover it should be cord less so that you can carry it any where you want.

Use of VoIP Video Phone in Homes

In this busy world it happens that some of the family members have to stay away for a livelihood, for education or for various other reasons. With natural calamities, terrorist attacks and wars going on different parts of the world getting connected to the family will be very relaxing. VoIP video phone provides an inter phase for connecting the separated family members. Many companies have come up with VoIP video phone plans that are affordable to the common man .One have to carefully choose the plan available for video phoning.

Uses of VoIP Video Phones in Companies

Using VoIP video phone in companies helps to improve communication. With the video phones companies will be able to have video conferencing with the partners, employers or potential customers and clients who are in different parts of the country or the world. In video conferencing using video phones audio as well as video will be transmitted to and fro allowing the person on onside, to see the other person talking to him. These are widely used now for conducting job interviews. You can do a presentation or demonstrate the use of the product to the customers’ world wide without the need to go each and everyplace. You can do as many presentations as you want just by sitting in comforts of your office. Many companies have started depending on videoconferencing to give training and for any emergency briefing. In the coming years there will be a bloom in the video phone market and more and more companies will start using it. Buying a VoIP video phone is cheaper than getting air tickets to different destinations. One can reduce the travel expenses in the company by using video conferencing as the means of communication.

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