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As far as VoIP systems are concerned, there is a great deal of variance between cheap options and expensive ones, with it being possible to pick up a plan for a monthly cost that comes in at less than the cost of a small pizza, while other plans will set you back an amount that over the course of a year would pay for a new TV set. With Voipgo the former kind of plan is very much in evidence – one of its major selling points is the fact that there are cheap plans available. Does it offer anything beyond mere affordability?


Cost:  Right out of the gate, the fact that Voipgo offers a plan at $7.95 will interest a lot of people. It is worth noting, however, that this is the “Incoming” plan, which offers no free minutes up front for outgoing calls. If your business is one which handles a lot of incoming calls, though, this may be an attractive plan for you. Failing that, the Unlimited Yearly plan works out at around five dollars more per month than that and, as the name suggests, allows you unlimited outgoing calls. One thing to look out for is the fact that Voipgo does offer eighteen extra features to people on the higher plans and only twelve to those on Incoming. This has earned it some criticism on the Internet, but the truth is that you get what you pay for. On cost, it’s hard to fault them, so 8/10 is a fair score.


Ease of Installation:  In all honesty, Voipgo themselves don’t seem to be entirely certain how easy their installation process is. Certainly, their instructions seem to vary wildly between highly simple, one-line paragraphs and instructions that read like War and Peace. A common criticism of the company is that the instructions get confusing and you are likely to have to end up calling customer services to go through the setup process step-by-step. And with the best will in the world, as good as their customer services staff are, this always makes for a more drawn-out process than we would like. You want to be able to use a VoIP system within an hour of getting it out of the box. This is unlikely with Voipgo, so it’s a 6/10.


Tech Support:  It is clear that the difficulty of the installation system is not a lack of attention to customer needs, because the Voipgo tech support system is among the most complete and helpful among all suppliers. The FAQ section is informative and complete and even comes with a glossary to help explain terms that may be confusing to first-timers. In addition to this, they are among the easiest providers to contact, as they provide telephone, email and even postal contact details as well as having the popular Live Chat option. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service which we would like to see replicated elsewhere. If you make the customer feel valued, you’ll retain more of your customers. A deserved 9/10 which could have been a full ten if there were more features on the website.


Quality of Voice Service: While there are other providers who offer more in terms of voice quality, don’t let this lead you into thinking that Voipgo provide a bad service. In actual fact, it compares well with the market average. There might be other services you’d go to first if your sole priority was quality of service, but you would have to pay more for them. If you are interested in getting a good deal, then the low price more than balances out the slight discrepancy between Voipgo and the better-equipped but more expensive brands on the market. 7/10 for this category, with a note that that is still pretty good.


Speed:  There are certainly no complaints about how fast the service runs. Once installed it is up and running quickly, sign-in takes very little time and calls connect fast and securely every time. There is very little waiting time, and this is all the more impressive given that Voipgo is not aimed as a high-end supplier. 8/10 is a more than justifiable mark for this category.


Features: As mentioned previously, Voipgo does offer more features to people on the two more expensive plans. This has generated some criticism from people who feel that the greater number of services and the free outgoing calls make the more expensive plans better value already. However, if you are offering a service for less than eight dollars a month, offering less features is one way to make that affordable to the company. It would be grossly unfair to suggest that Voipgo were stripping value from the plan, as any VoIP system which costs less than the standard market low already offers plenty of value. That’s not to say they are market leaders in terms of features even on the higher plans. They are still worth a 7/10 mark, however.


Summary: A mark of 45/60 all told, but if you are aiming for value Voipgo are worth a try. It is also worth noting here that the tech support lines are contactable out of hours, which is not standard on the market. Rather than having to wait until the next day to solve a problem that occurs outside of normal business hours, you can get it solved on the day. That is impressive.

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