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Voipo.com Review

voip phone reviewsAre you agitated by the expensive phone bills you have got to pay to your phone company? Well, it’s time you change your phone service providers, why not try voipo.com service provider, a US based company backed by HostGator.

Voipo is an inexpensive calling service, which allows you to make virtually unlimited calls in US and Canada and that too at unbelievably low cost. Voipo is although a relatively new company yet it has earned a good clientele only due to maintaining their quality services and a very reasonable price rate. The best quality of Voipo is that the sound quality is so clear that you will actually forget to call from your cellular phones.

Moreover, voipo.com has more than 38 features like call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, three way calling, custom incoming caller ID, unlimited speed dial, advanced voicemail, custom inbound call routing, custom outbound call routing, text notifications, online call history, do not disturb, online chat support etc. In addition to this, you can have your voicemails e-mailed to you plus you can keep your existing number.

Furthermore, if you want to avail this service not only there is no activation fee but also you will get a money back guarantee of 30 days, now what else you would want. If you don’t find the services of voipo.com up to the mark you can get your money back for sure. Other than this, you can also get advantage of the promotional offers of Voipo like one of its promotional offers will let you get a free 60 minutes of international calling per month y using a specific promo code of voipo.com.

So, if you find voipo.com services irresistible try signing up on their website for free and get your hands on a cheap international calling service that is voipo.com.

voip phone reviews

The number of VoIP providers on the market is so large that there is a real risk of people becoming almost paralysed through a surfeit of choice. When it comes down to it, you have to make your decision based on a number of factors. In testing a range of products we have tended to find that wherever one company is strong, they tend to have problems in another area, and companies who are strong in that area are weak where their competitor is strong. Finding a company that manages to strike a good balance has proven tricky. One company, though, has presented itself as a real challenger to the supposed market leader Vonage. Voipo, backed by web hosting giants Hostgator, is causing real ripples. We checked it out to see why.


Cost:  Voipo is very competitively priced, and like many companies the longer you sign up for it the less you will pay by the month. For a quite packed plan, involving a wealth of features and unlimited US and Canada minutes, you will find yourself paying a little more than $12 a month, which compares favorably with most other providers. Voipo is also constantly looking at where it can improve the service and the management of the company are very active online including on consumer forums – they have been known to take suggestions on board in terms of adding to their plans. This immediately puts them ahead of the competition, as listening to customers on matters of pricing plans is something that gets over big time with the customers. A mark of 9/10 is more than fair.


Ease of Installation:  Once you have the equipment – which tends to be sent out very promptly – you only need to consult Voipo’s intuitive instructions to get the system up and running and to get using the service. It’s all very simple and, with the exception of systems which merely involved downloading and following an installation wizard, this is the easiest service we found from an installation point of view. Customer service will be happy to help with any rare problems you do encounter with the setup process, and are easy to get in contact with. This company is very hard to beat on this score, and it earns an easy 9/10 – it could only be easier if the system was fully downloadable, but as Skype customers will know, this would mean they lost out in quality of service.


Tech Support:  This is the area where so many companies fall down. When a provider fails to give you the level of support that you need and deserve, it makes it very hard to trust them to give you a decent service. Pleasingly, Voipo have no such faults. If you do have a problem, the customer service line is open during business hours and a little beyond. Even better, the hold times we have experienced are next to negligible. And when you speak to the representatives you will find that they are knowledgeable without being bursque, genuinely helpful and personable; and all of that without trying hard to upsell you to take another feature (a pet hate of many users of other services). In addition, Voipo has a Twitter account where they can be contacted and where they inform customers in advance of any likely downtime. This is a really customer-oriented company. 10/10.


Quality of Voice Service:  When a company handles the peripheral elements as well as Voipo does, there is always an awkward concern that they might have achieved it by focusing on that to the detriment of what a VoIP service is there to do – making and receiving calls with decent sound quality. In testing, Voipo held up better than any other company we experienced including Vonage. No mean feat. The sound is of excellent quality – the standard would not be out of place on a state-of-the-art landline, and that’s saying something.  10/10.


Speed:  There is no loss of quality on the speed of service front, either. Calls connect without any delay and the service remains constant. Voipo have worked hard to stay on top of these issues, something which demonstrates what is possible when a big company like Hostgator takes a VoIP service launch seriously. Well worth another 9/10.


Features:  Most of us were looking for some element of service on which Voipo would fall down, and when it didn’t happen in the other areas we were waiting for them to have a disappointing slate of features. On this score, they again confounded expectations by providing a very solid set of features including some impressive unique ones. Features like the International Call Block, which stops people from making expensive calls out on your VoIP phone, Telemarketing Block and Choose Your Own Area Code are useful as well as intelligent additions, and are but a small sample of the many features Voipo are offering. As mentioned previously, the management are active online and will take suggestions on board. As a very modular service, Voipo can be very swift to add things.  10/10.


Overall:  When we get right down to it, Voipo was far and away the best service we tested, with nothing less than excellent marks in each category. Managing to be as strong as that right across the board is no mean feat when you see how a focus in one area can lead to a company dropping points on another issue. On early tests and information gathering we had a feeling Voipo might be a contender, but even we were stunned by how powerfully it came through. A genuinely excellent performance. The overall mark of 57/60 is a clear testament to their performance.

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