VOIPO.com Reviews: The 24 Hour Support

Now there is a concept. 24 hour support for you. Any problem, day or night, and there will always be support available for you. While the action to remedy the problem may not be immediate, depending on the scale of your problem, the response will be there. That is what 24 hour support should mean. You can’t say that with regards to anything else in your life.

With regards to VoIP and VOIPO.com reviews, 24 hour support is the key to it all. Transferring to a new technology is difficult enough when you do it on your own, but with 24 hour support, the remedy is just a phone call away. Or an email. Just try to avoid sending faxes, letters by post, or some other old technology. This is the world of new technology.

Complaints one reads in VOIPO.com reviews are usually technical in nature, and that is what the 24 hour support is for – to resolve your problems, and if it is a technical problem, the solution is usually within VOIPO, and a cure can easily be found. Audio problems the major complaint against VoIP companies, can be fixed, and it’s just a matter of taking advantage of the 24 hour support to fix the problem.

The most common reason customers have of transferring to VoIP is simply because the rates are cheaper. While this is true, customers should also understand that VoIP is total reinvention of the traditional telephone. The usual and simple things one has come to expect of a traditional phone line is changed into a myriad of conditions and complex procedures for which you will need 24 hour support – but if one learns as the usage of VoIP comes along, things will settle down to normal.

Remember that it is just this period of adjustment that will be difficult. After this it should be smooth sailing for VoIP users. But in the meantime, there is always 24 hour support available. All you need to do is take advantage of it.

If you look at the VOIPO.com reviews, you will inevitably come across a certain TIM@VOIPO.com, who should, in fact, handle the 24 hour support for VOIPO.com all on his own, if it were possible.

And it just has to be said, though, that whoever thought up of TIM@VOIPO.COM is a genius. Whether he is a real person and the real owner of VOIPO.COM is now irrelevant. Having someone inside VOIPO.COM to personally attend to your problem — and an acknowledged owner, no less – is a sheer stroke of genius. When Tim comes and sees your problem in a VOIPO.COM review, it is going to be fixed, one way or the other.

And that is what 24 hour support is all about. Customers would like some degree of certainty that their problem will be fixed, and Tim is an old-fashioned, tried and tested method of giving that assurance to customers.

And somehow, Tim makes the support real.

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