VOIPO.com Scam? Unraveling the Truth

VoIP is a term you’ve been hearing every now and then, especially if you have friends and relatives who work in the call center industry. This time VOIPO.com will let you in a secret. VOIPO.com scams have been seen and read about in the Internet, but chances are, most of the people who have heard about are just riding the bandwagon. Is there really a VOIPO.com scam?

Truth or Fabricated?

VOIPO is one of the more known companies offering residential, business and reseller VoIP connections. While you may hear about VOIPO.com scam, when you read all the way to the bottom of such forums, you would realize it is all about misinformation and not totally understanding what its rates are all about.

Truth…while the rate is really around eight dollars a month, when you click and click and see which webpages from VOIPO.com show you savings are really obtained, one would immediately assume that there is a scam somewhere in those pages. After all, you are being informed that you get a year’s subscription, free!

There is no fabrication. Simply put, rates that were originally at eighteen a month are now being offered at around eight dollars a month. No matter how you view it, there is really no scam to begin with. With their enticing promotion of “Limited Time Promotion: Second Year Free”, any individual would be able to get those savings of being able to pay only a hundred and ninety-nine for two years. While some of the words are quite confusing to some and easily understandable to others, it is a matter of asking and getting the right information. VOIPO.com scams are scattered around the Internet. It takes the right customer to understand what you are getting out of the company you wish to be partners with. Black propaganda always works for any company. It is always and would always be up to the prospective customer to understand if VOIPO scams exist to ruin their reputation or probably to attract more customers.

In more ways than one, getting in touch with the company’s customer service team is always a great idea. VoIP is a new technology, but some would definitely disagree. It is a matter of finding the right information. It is a matter of knowing which services would work best for you. It is a matter of being in the ‘know’ and getting the right VOIPO package for your needs.

Ask yourself then, what are the benefits of VoIP? Why VOIPO? Professional sound, professional image and state of the art phone system…these are just a few of what you get out of VOIPO. Scams or not, VOIPO has been used and are currently partners with the big names of businesses that give their customers the quality sound and reception that they deserve. No matter what type of business you are in, small or big, right in the middle, or even a budding call center business, having VOIPO is just right for you. Think of savings, discounts, and great offers which would allow you to be able to focus in your business and not give you a moment’s worry for your phone bills and monthly payments for your telephone lines.

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