VOIPO Coupon Code and VOIP Advanced Features

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allows you to make or receive calls on your phone via the Internet, instead of traditional telephone networks. This enables VOIP companies to offer their customers huge savings in telecommunication costs. VOIPO, for example, can grant you unlimited phone calls within the US and Canada for only $8.25 a month. When you visit their website (http://www.VOIPO.com) there’s almost always an active VOIPO coupon code that grants further discounts, such as a 2 year service for $149 instead of the regular $198.

The VOIPO service also provide additional features and service beyond those you can get from traditional phones. Customers are provided with their VoIP Control Panel (called the vPanel) for the management of these special features. Taking advantage of a VOIPO coupon code doesn’t decrease the number of special features you receive.

Contacts and Callers Features

With the vPanel, you can manage an unlimited number of contact names. You can customize lists of contact names in groups, such work numbers, family and friends, girlfriends, or even lists of people you wish to avoid. You can also replace the default the network caller ID with your own words, which is especially convenient when getting calls from mobile devices that don’t come with standard caller ID details. Like many mobile phones, you can assign specific ring tones for different incoming callers for instant identification. You can also view call logs online.

These contacts can be called using speed dial, because the number of speed dial codes you can makes is only limited by your own ability to remember the details of each code. You can also define your own rules when routing incoming or outgoing calls.

Voice Mail Features

Voice Mail enables phone users to check their messages over the phone. But using a VOIPO coupon code will still enable you to use more advanced features. You may be notified that you have voice mail by getting an SMS (“text”) message on your mobile. This “text” will include all the pertinent details (caller ID, number, date, time, and message length) within a single message.

The vPanel enables you to view and hear your voice mail online. Also, email voice mail is possible: you can be notified by email that you have voice mail, and you can also choose to have the actual voice mail sent to to you as a sound file attachment.

Special Bonus features

Aside from your primary VOIPO number, you can receive inbound calls with your Virtual Telephone Numbers (these numbers are not partnered with real, concrete phone lines). These virtual telephone numbers can be assigned their corresponding mailboxes for voice mail, which can be over seen with the vPanel.

VOIPO accounts are also automatically assigned an SIP address, which can be very useful for instant messaging and video conferencing. Outbound calls can also be routed through the SIP address.

The vPanel can also allow you to configure another external phone (one with a different number such as your mobile phone or your office phone) to ring whenever you receive calls on your VOIPO phone. You are also protected from power or ISP disruptions, as you can assign another phone number to receive forwarded calls whenever you are disconnected to the VOIPO network. For your convenience, you can send a SMS (text) message with your mobile phone to the VOIPO people, and they can setup your VOIPO account for you.

You can receive all the phone features for a price much cheaper than what a regular phone service costs. And with the VOIPO coupon code, it’s even more affordable.

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