VOIPO Coupons for Residential VOIPO Users

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) was initially designed to allow voice communication for computer users in separate locations. Nowadays, you don’t even need to have a computer to use it. And it’s affordable enough that its use is not limited to large multinational corporations. VOIPO is a communications company that allows residential users to make and receive virtually unlimited calls to the US and Canada using a regular telephone without having to own a computer, all for $8.25 a month. On their website (http://www.VOIPO.com/) you may even find an active VOIPO coupon that provides new customers two years of service for only $149, giving you $49 worth of savings.

How VOIPO Allows You To Use VOIP

It’s really not all that complicated. Once you’ve decided to avail of their service, you can transfer you current phone number, or choose a new number from more than 8,000 areas. You’ll then receive a VOIPO Phone Adapter, which you plug into your broadband internet connection. Then you connect your regular phone to it. And then you’re ready to make your calls. The VOIPO coupon means you’re paying $74.50 a year to make or receive a long distance calls within the US and Canada. And it doesn’t matter how many times you call, or how long a phone call lasts.

Basic Features Of Your VOIPO Phone

• You’ll have Caller ID (both name and number). You can quickly call back the last caller to your number by dialing *69.
• You’ll also have Call Blocking capabilities, enabling you to specify which numbers to block. You can make your own blocking criteria, such as blocking whole area codes. You can even make a list of specific numbers to receive (called a whitelist, which is the opposite of blacklist), thereby blocking all the others.
• You can dial numbers with 7, 10, and 11 digits. You can maintain your own privacy by dialing *67 before calling, which blocks your outgoing Caller ID.
• If you’re engaged in a conversation and another party calls in, you’ll have the option of either using call waiting or 3-way calling.
• You can forward all calls (or calls based on a criteria you’ve defined) to another number you’ve selected. If you don’t wish to receive calls at all, then all calls will be forwarded to voicemail, or get a busy tone.
• You’ll still be able to use emergency numbers such as 911, the 711 service for the hearing and visually impaired, and 411 directory assistance for information.

Convenience Services Of Your VOIPO Phone

• Your phone number need not be randomly assigned to you. You can use your current number, or select your own area code (VOIPO allows you to choose from literally thousands of different locations). If you wish, your number will still be yours even if you move.
• VOIPO also allows you to use software based phones.
• The tech support is based in Texas, which easily minimizes potential miscommunication problems. You can call them anytime at their tollfree number, or email them at support@VOIPO.com.

And all this is available for less than $6.21 when you use a VOIPO coupon in the VOIPO.com website.

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