VOIPO Discount Code Makes Starting Your Voip Reseller Company Possible

With the advances in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), you can start your own phone company by allowing your customers to make long distance phone calls over the Internet instead of using regular telephone networks. The demand for this service is growing rapidly, and it has been extrapolated that most businesses will soon be using VOIP for their telecommunication requirements. Becoming a reseller then can be a viable source of income, as the market continues to expand.

Becoming a VOIP reseller requires very little financial investment, compared to other start-up businesses. The VOIPO Reseller Plan Cost, for example costs $24.95 per month or $199.00 per year. A VOIPO discount code is almost always active in their website (http://www.VOIPO.com/), allowing potential reseller further discounts.

If you choose to take advantage of VOIPO’s offer (especially with the pre-launch VOIPO discount code), a reseller control panel will be sent to you so you can create accounts, see the reports, and oversee the various features of the VOIP services. Your customers will also receive their own control panel (customized with your company logo instead of VOIPO’s) for them to manage their own accounts.

All billing and support for your customers will be provided by you. To be a reseller of VOIP services, it would be best if you are familiar with its specific features. You are the bridge between the mother VOIP company and the customer base, and as such you should be able to fully explain the various features and advantages available with VOIP. Any inquiries and problem reports will go to the reseller, and the success of your reseller company will rely not just on your ability to sell VOIP services, but also your capacity to maintain customer satisfaction.

With VOIPO, you can set up 3 different kinds of accounts. Each account has its own kind of client control panel to manage the different kinds of features for each.

Incoming Only Accounts means that no outbound calls can be made. This kind of account is used mainly for forwarding services. For example, your customer may need to use toll-free phone numbers, and each call received is then forwarded to an already established number. With this kind of service, your customers need no additional equipment.

Fax accounts can be setup so that your customers can receive fax messages. If your customer has an existing email address, then the fax can be emailed to them as a PDF file. The reseller only needs to make sure that the customer can open the PDF file with the appropriate software.

The Full Service Account is for customers who need to make and receive calls. Residential users, for example, will be needing this type of service. They can receive a VoIP Adapter with their account, to connect to their Broadband Internet connection and their regular phone, or they may choose to use a software phone

A reseller purchases phone numbers and phone minutes from VOIPO when they use the prelaunch VOIPO discount code. It is up to the reseller to setup service and prices for customers. With the right combination of services and pricing, a voip reseller company can generate a sizable profit margin. The VOIPO discount code simply makes it easier for the reseller to cash in on this market.

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