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When you can get something impressive for a bargain price, it always feels good – a bit of a moral victory over those people who claim that you only ever get what you pay for. There are many of us who will always pay the listed price for something, because we don’t think to shop around. When you realise how much money you can save by checking different places and using, for example, a Voipo promo code, you’ll never take the first price you see again. The difference that is made by getting something for nothing (or very nearly nothing) can be life-changing, and can certainly free up some cash in your account.

Voipo promo codes are not that difficult to find, and they will cut a large amount from your monthly bill. If you use the system beneficially, you are sure to have a pretty low bill anyway, but once you’re saving a few dollars, you’ll want to save a few more. It becomes almost compulsive, and the great thing about saving money is that it makes you aware of where and how you can make other savings. In this day and age we are all thinking about how we can spend a bit less, so as to make it through the tricky financial climate, and avoiding unnecessary expenditure is vital.

VoIP calling (sometimes also known as VOP for Voice Over Packet) is revolutionising the communications industry with the bigger phone companies, who have made their fortune from the old way of calling, now looking nervously over their shoulders at the younger companies who have harnessed the potential of the internet to make us change the way we call. Most of the cannier big companies are now looking at adapting their range to take advantage of this new way of calling. By the end of this decade, most of us will use VoIP as our standard home phone service, and many already are.

One company that always leads the pack when it comes to VoIP phone reviews is Voipo. They are certainly not the biggest name in the business at the moment, but the chances are that they will keep moving up through the pack like they have been doing. A look at the opinions posted by users addressing the “Voipo vs Vonage” question will show that although Vonage may be a bigger name right now, their younger contender is scoring all sorts of points in all of the right areas; from pricing structure to customer services. And the deals they offer are hugely impressive, making the service all the more attractive to a VoIP beginner.


Is Voipo A Scam?

So quickly has Voipo established itself as a contender in the market that people have started to assume the company is making claims it cannot back up, with many supporters of other services dropping hints about the Voipo scam. In some cases, this has led to people reacting to any flaw in their service with concerns that they may have been scammed. However, a quick look on the internet’s many VoIP forums shows an interesting result; Voipo’s management are active on forums and interested in problem-solving by engaging with users. The outcome of these efforts is invariably positive, showing the benefits of a proactive approach to solving issues.

The level of Voipo complaints to be found online is tiny compared to the level found for other operators of the same size; and if you find you have a problem with your Voipo ATA service (for example), you will find that there are plenty of people, whether representatives of the company or customers, who will be able to take you through the troubleshooting process. That process will invariably be simple and intuitive, which is another thing that is making Voipo one of the most popular new VoIP providers on the market at the moment. With a small amount of help and a Voipo adapter, you don’t even need to throw away your old phone to enjoy VoIP calling.

Services like Voipo Asterisk, which allows you to bring multiple lines on to your Voipo account, or Voipo Blacklist, which allows you to block calls from numbers you have no wish to converse with, are the mark of a company that is listening to its users. These are all available at a particularly low cost, and with the use of Voipo promo codes you can have a system that makes your old standard phone line look pretty redundant. Nonetheless, you don’t need to get rid of the old phone or even your phone system; you can let Voipo take the bulk of the necessary calls and use your home phone for calls you want to take more time over; if that’s what you are comfortable with.


Customer Service; How Do Voipo Reviews Grade Them?

The importance of customer service in this day and age is something that cannot be ignored. If people are paying money for a service or product, they are entitled to expect that the company providing it goes to the effort of helping them with any issues that result. The good news for people checking out Voipo is that the company has focussed very heavily on providing the very best customer service possible. As well as being able to contact them by phone, you will notice that the company is very active online, and it is highly impressive the way the company uses its online knowledge to deal with problems and complaints; all with a minimum of fuss.

Whether it is for the Voipo BYOD system (it stands for Bring Your Own Device) or the Voipo Fax service, you will find that your queries online will be answered in short order, whether you are posting on a users forum or sending a message to the Voipo Twitter account. This is a big deal; there are a lot of companies who limit their customer services and tech support to a single phone number which is only open at certain times of the day. Offering more ways of getting in contact means that you can get every little problem sorted out without having to wait too long or jump through hoops with an automated telephone line that passes you from one department to another.

In all honesty, the impression many people have of Voipo.com as a smaller company is not quite accurate. Certainly, it is a pretty independent service, but it is backed by the major online hosting company Hostgator. Although all of the technical aspects of VoIP calling are handled by Voipo, Hostgator being involved does mean that they can commit funding to fixing areas of the service that need fixing, and to adding new aspects to the service. The heads of the company have been very open about the fact that the system itself is highly modular; so if they want or need to add something to it, they can do so with a minimum of fuss; if there is something you would like to see them add, contacting them is not a stupid idea.


Making Money With Voipo

The more technically minded among us can even become Voipo resellers, as the company has a system that rewards you for alerting other people to the many benefits of the system. Your role here is simply to sell – the overall administration of the account and the technical support involved will remain the responsibility of Voipo LLC, but you can remain involved. There is quite a large level of take-up for this system because when you have used Voipo yourself you will find that you want to tell people about this system that works so well. It also makes it important that you know all about the best Voipo promo codes, because if you can offer a potential customer an extra saving it will make them all the more likely to go for it.

A good Voipo promo code is one tool you will have in your armory if you decide to get involved in the reseller program; there are countless others you can look forward to. The Voipo forwarding system is very slick indeed and something that all users will want to know about. Being able to forward calls to your Voipo.com number to any other phone is something that can be invaluable if you know you will have to be away from your computer for a period of time. This is one of the more commented upon features in Voipo reviews, and it stands to make a big difference to how we use our phones.


Voipo International Rates; Another Selling Point?

If you sign up for the right service, then you will find that you get the benefits of cheap international calling, and residential customers qualify immediately for a full hour of international calls free. Voipo international rates are highly competitive in a quite crowded market and this will change the way you think about international calling. If a member of the family, a friend or someone else you need to call is spending time overseas, then being able to contact them is a pretty big deal, and having this freedom can make a big difference. Allied to the right promo code for Voipo.com, it can make a huge difference.

For SIP users, the Voipo SIP service is highly intuitive, although users can always refer to tech support if they need additional help. This makes the system all the more versatile, and if you need the help then all you need to have to hand is the model of your Voipo softphone and your Voipo SIP settings. The Voipo support staff will then take you through the steps you need to get your software active and enable more intuitive use of the system. Although some users have reported Voipo X-lite problems, the company has worked on this and at the time of writing are confident that any such problems have been corrected.

One of the major strengths of the system is the fact that you can route calls to other systems through to your Voipo phone system and vice versa; so if you are unable to sign into Voipo, Google Voice can pick up your voicemail. On the other hand, if you want to have Google Voice calls forwarded through to your Voipo phone this is also possible. The Voipo port forwarding system makes this a very simple process and allows you to tailor your phone systems just how you want them. The Voipo iPhone app also makes it possible to have your Voipo calls picked up on your smart phone. Systems are being developed all the time to make this process easier on other smart phones, too.

The Voipo Vpanel login system has been widely credited by users as being one of the simplest account management systems out there. This may be one of the places where the Voipo/Hostgator connections has come in particularly handy, making the whole system a lot easier to use than many of the more widely recognised systems that you see on billboards all over the world – and with Voipo.com promo codes making it all the cheaper, there really is no reason not to be interested. We’re talking here about a system that is easy to use, has excellent support and is available for such a low price that you’d need to be careless with money not to be interested. What’s not to like?

Many people are so impressed by the features and the low price on offer that they are signing up immediately for 24 months, and many who have gone through that two-year period have decided to stick with the program even well in advance of their Voipo renewal date. This is a mark of a service that is hitting all the right buttons with the market that it is aimed at. This is a revolution well worth joining, and one which will be having an effect a long way into the future.


Voipo vs Vonage; A Fair Fight?

In one corner, we have the most recognised pure VoIP system in the world, Vonage. In the other, we have Voipo, which could be termed the upstart service. While many people will choose to go with the name that is widely recognised, this would be a mistake. It is easy to assume that the company you see advertised all over the place will be the one with the most muscle behind it and therefore the best one to sign up with; after all, the company that can afford that level of publicity must also be able to afford to give a service that puts all others to shame, right? Well, don’t be so quick to assume; there’s a lot to be said for Voipo, especially when you can get it at a reduced price.

With a quick look around the internet you will find that there is a lot to recommend it above names that may be more mainstream. For a start, it is cheaper (and with a discount code, the saving becomes even more appealing. The level of support available is something that no company, Vonage included, can even come close to matching (and this is no personal knock on Vonage, which leaves most companies in the shade; you might even argue that it beats out all but one of its competitors). And that’s assuming you will need to rely on the support system. Users have commented endlessly on the high level of reliability that Voipo offers its customers.

A Voipo promotional code is not the reason to sign up to Voipo, it should merely be the cherry on the cake; a cake which is already pretty tasty in the first place. Yes, with the right Voipo coupon code you will find the prices dropping steeply, but they were already pretty low to begin with, this merely makes it even more worthwhile. For some people the idea that Voipo is a smaller company is a selling point, but for others it might be a distraction. It is important in this case to remember that Voipo.com has the backing of one of the internet’s leading hosting companies, so we are not talking small fry here.

You should see your Voipo.com voucher as a welcome gift for signing up to a company that will offer you more even when the discount voucher has expired. There is already more than enough that is good about this company and which will allow you to enjoy using your phone, and to use it without having to worry about big bills coming in at the end of the month. When we are all having to make cutbacks, it can be disquieting to think that you will go over your budget just for calling a friend or making a complicated technical phone call. This is why it is so beneficial to have a phone supplier that makes it easy and cheap to keep in contact with your nearest and dearest.

There are so many reasons to sign up for the service and few if any not to. On top of the pricing plans and the ready access to reduced calling rates, you can even rely on a nationally-based tech support service; no being routed through to a call center halfway across the world. It makes things a lot more straightforward, and is the final touch of quality on a system that is already packed with great features.

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