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VOIPO is one of the new companies offering voice over the Internet protocol services – in other words, a phone that behaves exactly like a phone, but isn’t really a phone. You can call with these VoIP phones, you can receive calls, and all the other things the phones that we have gotten used to can do. But that is where the similarity ends.

And this is where a lot of VOIPO reviews begin. The technology of VoIP is technically an addition to the traditional phone. And a lot of the VOIPO reviews out there expound on that fact.

VoIP is a new technology. Granted that it has been around since around the mid 1990s, VoIP has been the far cheaper alternative to the analog phone, especially with regards to calls made over long distances. And it is because of its cost effectiveness that it has met resistance.

Firstly, national carriers frown upon VoIP  because VoIP takes away paying customers from them. If you consider the volume of calls from the United States to India call centers, that phone traffic, if done over the traditional landlines would cost several times over than it is, because it is done with VoIP. And that is loss of profit to any telecom. VoIP is competition.

Secondly, the laws of the United States, because they have been built around national carriers and monopolies over the last century or so, afford little room for this new technology. For all intents and purposes a small VoIP company can match the services offered by any national carrier, yet the status of some VoIP companies are not even considered to be a local exchange carrier. So the operations of a VoIP company can still be easily drowned by the intricacies of law, when the necessary action would just take a click of a mouse.

Keeping only these two in mind, you will see the basis of any VOIPO review. Several complaints state the difference in quality of a VOIP call compared to a traditional landline, and this is because VoIP is a new technology. Curing latency, echoes and hiccups in a VoIP phone call can be done, but the help of the customer is needed to find the remedy.

Another thing is, the headaches of transferring from one technology to a better technology will always be there, and VoIP is no different. Traditional telecoms have the old technology, and the added benefit of a long relationship with the customer, whereas VOIPO gets the headaches of transferring the customer to the new technology.

And there you have all the VOIPO reviews you will read in a nutshell. Customers finding it hard to adjust to the new technology, and VoIP companies taking the brunt of that adjustment. In all fairness, VoIP is the new technology, and there are bound to be some glitches.

And in all fairness too, VoIP is the new technology and new technologies have a habit of replacing the old technologies as well.

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