VOIPo: The Features of VoIP Service

When it comes to web hosting services, Host Gator is probably one of the leading providers. This company is based in Texas. It has founded VOIPo to provide VoIP and other phone services. These services offered by VOIPo are claimed to provide big savings to the customers. Aside from the unlimited calls and free shipping of the VoIP adapter, there are many features in the said service.

Basic Features

Each VOIPo account has the capacity to support fully functional dialling methods. With the service, 7, 10 and 11 digit dialling is allowed.

Call waiting is another feature of the VoIP service provided by VOIPo. With this feature, you can hear a subtle pulse when another caller is trying to reach you whilst you are talking to the first caller. There is also a call waiting ID feature that allows you to see the name and number of the second caller even if you are on the line with the first caller.

If you want to talk to two callers at the same time, the VoIP service also allows three-way calling. It is easy and simple to join the calls. All you need to do is to flash on your phone device, dial a number and flash back to enjoy the three-way calling feature.

When you avail the VoIP service of VOIPo, you will have a vPanel account. This lets you chose criteria on which calls to block. You can create a white list or indicate area codes for calls to be blocked. If you do not want to block calls, the Do Not Disturb feature is another option. The incoming calls will be either forwarded or a busy tone will be sent out.
You can also opt not to disclose your name and number with VOIPo’s *67 outbound caller ID blocking. You can dial *67 before calling. This will automatically hide your caller ID to the recipient phone device.

Advanced Services

With the VoIP service from VOIPo, you have the option to customize the caller ID details for incoming calls. You also get to customize the call log. Plus, the contact list allows unlimited number of entries and can be managed easily. You can even create groups for family, friends, customers, etc.

If you want an advanced voicemail feature, VOIPo can also help. You can check your messages through phone or email. For email-based voicemails, notifications and the actual voicemail message in .wav format will be sent together. You can even opt to receive SMS or text notifications. This allows you to know when there is a voicemail and check it as soon as possible. Another way to check for voicemails is through your vPanel account.

Virtual numbers are a good feature in VOIPo’s VoIP service. This allows you to add different numbers with another city’s area code. The calls to this virtual number will then be forwarded to your original VoIP number.

Lastly, VOIPo gives their clients a chance to customize both inbound and outbound call routing. You are the one to decide on the rules and criteria for routing calls.

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