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Choosing VOIP Services over the traditional telephone lines can save you a big amount of money. Not only are the rates of VOIP companies more affordable and practical, they also offer numerous discounts and promos that could further reduce the costs spent on phone charges. This is one of the reasons why many people are switching to VOIP services as well.

VOIPO regularly offers discounts, which you can see on its website. Aside from this, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee so that you can get a full refund. However, it may not be likely for you to be dissatisfied with any VOIP company because the amount of savings that you get is already enough for you to stick to it. Because VOIP companies do not yer rely on 360-degree advertising campaigns, you get to pay only for the service itself.

These discounts are usually embedded in bigger scale promotions that also offer freebies and opportunities to maximize the sevice better. Once in a while, you may get free international calling credits that you can use for certain destinations. Even the new customers can already get to avail of discounts such reduced rates for those who have a 2-year service plan. United States and Canada unlimited calling are offered for as low as $8.25 every month.

Discount Vouchers

Because more VOIP companies are beginning to emerge, VOIP companies are becoming more and more competitive with their rates. And to further attract consumers, these companies also offer vouchers that provide you with more discounts. You can take a look at VOIPO vouchers online to get an idea on what this is all about. Basically, these indicate free monthly services, free unlimited calls to certain locations, and many more. There is even a VOIPO voucher that gives up to 4 free monthly services, under certain conditions. Even customers who are good in referrals can benefit from these VOIPO vouchers. If you look hard enough, you will see the specific vouchers that will be available a certain date. You can simply inquire via the 24-hour hotline.

With the numerous benefits of VOIP  service, you can be sure that switching will lead you to bigger savings and more benefits. You can even use your old telephone to have the VOIP services apply to it. Just like the traditional telephone, you can have other features added such as call waiting, call forwarding, telemarketer blocks, 3 way calling, online call history, online voicemail access, and many more. And with many other freebies like free activation, shipping, and phone adapters, you can simply say “no” to contracts and cancellation fees.

It can be said the VOIPO vouchers have really changed the game for VOIPO services. Companies and individuals who have joined in when VOIP services were just starting to develop are getting huge profits today due to the massive savings that can be made. At this stage where more and more developments and features are yet to be introduced, you can already enjoy other benefits such as using the VOIP phone with landlines and mobile phones.

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