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Among the most well-known and established names on the VoIP market, Vonage has attracted the interest and the customer loyalty of a great number of people, and it is one of the providers that has “broken out” into the mainstream, having enough weight behind it now to be able to run mass media marketing campaigns. This immediately gives it a certain credibility and allows it to start from a fairly privileged position among VoIP providers; it can grab the attention of people who weren’t even initially looking to sign up for VoIP telephony.


How has the company attained this privileged level, and is it deserving of its status within the market?


Cost:  With status comes the freedom to be flexible, although it is up to the provider to decide whether they want to exercise this freedom. In terms of pricing plans, Vonage have taken this opportunity and offer a very wide range of plans which pretty much fall under the banner of “you get what you pay for”. You can choose a plan which will cost just $9.99 a month, or you can look to cover all bases with a plan that will set you back $34.99 monthly. Obviously the latter has more options and features and will require less additional spending for minutes and long-distance calls.


There are drawbacks, however, because if you want to sign up you are locked in for a year. Additionally, you get the full list of features whatever plan you are on, which doesn’t reward those who take the pricier plan, so for cost it’s a mark of 8/10.


Ease of Installation:  It is impossible to fault Vonage on this front. Three incredibly simple steps are all that stand between you and making your first call using the service. One of those steps is simply picking up the phone to make sure you have done the first two steps correctly, so there is nothing to detract from a full 10/10 in this category. This is the ideal way of going about things, and may well have a lot to do with Vonage’s popularity in the market.


Tech Support:  It would be more or less unforgivable for a big name such as Vonage to fall down on tech support. The good news is that they don’t. As with most VoIP companies, the FAQ on their website is your first port of call for anything you need to know, and the Troubleshooting section is packed with information. In addition there are customer forums, video tutorials and a phoneline which is open 24/7. You can email your query – the average waiting time for a response is twelve hours – and you can also follow the tech support section on Twitter. All of this makes it a very strong competitor on tech support, although the twelve-hour waiting time is a little too long to really merit full marks. Still, an 8/10 in this area is a competitive mark.


Quality of Voice Service:  You don’t take and secure a place at the top of the market without doing the things you are supposed to do, and doing them well. You can offer all the peripherals you want but, if you haven’t deigned to meet the most primary need – a decent phone service – then you will always at best attract a limited market of add-on junkies. Vonage has its place at the heart of the VoIP market because they do what they are supposed to do and a lot more besides, and the quality of voice calling on the service is uniformly excellent. Voice calls are clear, uninterrupted and simple no matter where you are calling, which deserves the mark of 9/10.


Speed:  There is a lot to be said for simplicity. If you view your VoIP telephony service as a toy, then you will find plenty of providers out there who will have prioritised additional features and neglected to make calling as swift and as simple as it should be. Vonage is aware of the market it is working in and it is safe to say that making a call with this service will go every bit as smoothly as you have paid for. It’s a steady 8/10 for this category.


Features:  The good news is that if you pay for the lowest-priced calling plan you’ll get the same set of features that you would if you paid for the highest-priced. The bad news comes if you have paid for the highest-priced. Sure, you’ll get more free minutes in paying for the higher priced subscription, and a wider range of countries to call free, but considering the gap between the higher and lower end prices, you could be forgiven for expecting more bang for your buck. This makes it hard to give Vonage any more than 7/10 in this area, which is a shame.


Summary:  As an overall provider, you can be confident that Vonage will not let you down. If you are concerned simply with making calls and having a steady service they are pretty hard to beat. If you want more besides that you may be slightly disappointed, especially if you plump for the higher-priced plans. That said, Vonage is principally a telephony service and that is where they score highly. An overall 50/60 is strong indeed.

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