What is VoIP Phone Service?

What is VoIP phone service? It is actually a phone service in which calls are sent across the internet. You may have heard of some of the big VoIP brands – nationwide VoIP-centered companies like Vonage, for example. But what, in general, are common features of all (or at least a majority) of VoIP phone service companies? Here are a few:

What is VoIP Phone Service #1: Unlimited Call Provider

Now, when you pay for your landline, you aren’t exactly limited in how many phone calls you can place. You can go down the phone book and dial every number if you to (and have nothing better to do with your time). But you can’t really call that many long distance or international people, because this will start adding very high prices to your bills. Cell phones are a little different, most of the time you aren’t limited by area code, but are limited to a number of minutes per month (unless you pay a high price for unlimited service). Most VoIP phone service providers, however, offer unlimited calls (anywhere) for almost nothing – sometimes just a handful of dollars a month.

What is VoIP Phone Service #2: Scaled Plan Provider

If you are a business, your phone service may offer scaled plans. This basically means the plan is scaled to your size. Sometimes, you even receive a discount

What is VoIP Phone Service #3: Good Service Provider

Your VoIP service provider should be a good one. This includes aspects of customer service, such having a responsive support desk and friendly representatives (whether you are first ordering a plan or trying to solve an issue with your bill). It also includes the quality of your service – such as VoIP phones that work well and easy control features (that you can change yourself). Always expect the best from the companies you do business with, whether it is a VoIP service provider or something else. And, if you aren’t satisfied, make sure they know!

When it comes down to it, the answer as to what is a VoIP service provider cannot be answered with just a few words. A VoIP service provider provides you with many services and features that wind up under the same umbrella. There are many facets to VoIP phone service.  In fact, a good way to get a good indication as to the quality of a VoIP provider would be to ask the question “What is a VoIP service provider” and allow them to explain what they have to offer you. Though it may seem like a silly exercise – particularly if you know you already have an idea of what VoIP service is – it can provide you with knowledge you did not know before and help you get an impression of the different providers currently on the market.

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