Where to Find Cheap VoIP Phones

These days, you can’t be too careful with your money. So when you are looking for your first VoIP phone, a replacement for the one you have been using, or some combination therein, it behooves you to look around for a selection of cheap VoIP phones. But where can you search? Consider these locations:

Local Listings

Often, you can find used, cheap VoIP phones available in the local listings. Check your newspaper ads, your local craigslist section, garage sales, even bulletin boards. The main pros and cons of this option are very sharp. The main pro is price – because these are used phones, cheap usually means very cheap. Someone is trying to sell them, so you can purchase them for a small fraction of retail price. You might even be able to haggle and bargain your way a few dollars lower than that. The main disadvantage is quality: some of these phones will be old, others may be broken, and you will likely have no warranty options if anything goes wrong. Searching your listings is a good way to look for VoIP phones, but it is also quite the gamble.

Bargain/Overstock Stores

There is likely some kind of bargain/discount store in your area, whether it is a Wal-Mart, Costco, or a local Bob’s Big Discount Palace. These stores buy things in bulk or receive overstock (from stores that purchased too much and need to unload their inventory to make room for new things), so they get discounted prices from the manufacture. Because of this, they are able to pass some of those savings on to you, their loyal customers. Though not quite as cheap as you will find at a garage sale, they do offer low prices for brand new phones – warranty included. You may also be able to return these cheap VoIP phones to the store or exchange them, if they turn out to be defective.

Electronic Stores

It may be a little bit tricky to buy cheap VoIP phones from an electronic store. This is because they specialize in electronic items such as the phones and in general, are part of the industry which sets prices high in the first place. Examples of these electronic stores include RadioShack and BestBuy. Still, you may be able to find cheap VoIP phones here if you look hard enough. You may need to surf the clearance racks, but the benefit of these stores is that they often have very good return, replacement or repair policies – though, you should verify this before they swipe your card.

Online Retailers

Online retailers offer good solutions for cheap VoIP phones because they, like discount stores, have often either purchased the phones in bulk or received them from stores relieving their inventory. They often offer cheap VoIP phones, but pay attention to the shipping costs. They can take a phone from low priced to high priced with the click of a button. Also, make sure they are credible before you give your card number.

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