Why Choose a Small Business VoIP Phone System?

Running a small business is never easy, but it is even harder when the economy is struggling. It may not sound very glamorous, but when it comes to small business expenses, penny-pinching can make the difference between going under and staying strong. Look all around your office and ask yourself what changes can be made to ensure a healthy outlook. Another important aspect of protecting your still-fledgling company is staying up to date on current technology; the changes happen so fast that if you do not make an effort to keep up you will fall far behind the times – and your competitors. One of the best ways to address both these issues is to consider a small business VoIP phone system.

Just think about it: you need to be accessible via phone, but the landline bills can add up. This is especially true if you make a lot of long distance phone calls. Businesses frequently get a discount from major phone companies, but even the discounted rates add up over time, as does the probability of hidden charges sneaking in. Plus, the smaller your business, the smaller your discount is likely to be. When chosen right, VoIP has the opportunity to be a much more affordable option because it uses your internet provider (hence the term VoIP – or, voice over internet protocol). Some VoIP programs are even free; you just install the program onto your computer, attach a headset and you are ready to call. Of course, you may want to pay a VoIP company for its offering of business VoIP phone service anyway. The price is still lower than using a local landline, plus you get access to that company’s help desk, software (which is generally less buggy than the 100% free options), and assistance with installation. At the end of the day, the best VoIP price option will depend on your company, your own technological capabilities, the small business VoIP phone system you want,  and your financial outlook.

It also keeps you at the head of the pack regarding technology. You may find yourself explaining to friends who also own their own companies the benefits of a small business VoIP phone system.

Yet another potential advantage can be found in choosing the right small business VoIP phone system options. For example, if you have a large number of employees, you can choose to use a phone adapter that allows you to use your regular phones to place VoIP calls – that way you do not need to retrain all of the employees with the new technology (they already know how to use their phones) and you do not need to buy the new hardware except for the adapter.

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